Honda HRU19M2

Honda HRU19M2

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Weighing only 31 kg, the HRU19M2 is ideal for the average residential block. It’s lightweight and easy to push with a sleek, rustproof alloy deck and now comes with Honda's newest engine, the class leading GCV170.

It offers a generous 19-inch cut with a 54-litre polymer catcher that’ll get around your yard with no hassles. The HRU19M2's pull cord is attached to the upper handles for ease of use, so you won’t need to bend over to pull the cord. Simply lean in, pull back, and with Honda’s starts 'first time every time' technology, mowing the lawn will never be a chore!

Honda’s unique Auto Choke feature allows you to conveniently run the HRU19M2 without needing to adjust the choke or engine throttle. Just another way mowing is made easier.


The HRU19M2 is easy to clean with its polypropylene snap-on fitting just connect your hose to easily clean under the deck while you stay dry as a bone.

As always, safety is assured with Honda’s Engine Brake Technology. It stops the blades and engine within three seconds of releasing the handle, thereby reducing the risk of injury to the operator and passers-by.


Powering the HRU19M2 with reliable, consistent power is Honda's latest engine, the GCV170. A long-lasting, 5.5 horsepower-class engine, the four-stroke GCV170 features overhead valve and overhead cam technology.

This means you can fill up your HRU19M2 with the same regular unleaded that you put in your car, so no messy oil and fuel mixing involved. This mower has less emissions and great fuel economy so good for you and the environment.

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